SURVEY: Moderate to Severe Adult Acne Still More Popular Than U.S. Congress

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WASHINGTON D.C. — In a new survey put out by the National Center of Opinions (NCO) of adults ages 18-55 it seems that Congress rates close to last in popularity, only to beat out Syphilis and the 2012 New York Jets.

Coming in just above Congress for the third straight month was moderate to severe adult acne with a 19% approval rating. Apparently some people enjoying popping pimples, many YouTube videos have also been found to back up this finding.

The U.S. Congress came in with a dismal 18% approval rating for the month of November. Many Americans are still quite annoyed with their inability to problem solve and come together to accomplish legislative goals such as a budget, tax increases, or whether or not to make sure domestic violence is still a crime.

With the “fiscal cliff” looming and no compromise in sight, the New York Jets still have a chance to end up being more popular than Congress by the end of the year.

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