Powerball Drawings Raise $34 Million For Public Education, Hopefully Math

The recent multi-state Powerball lottery drawing has raised $34 million for education in just the past month. Buyers raced to ticket vendors in the hopes of cashing in on the $500+ million dollar jackpot.

Lottery hopefuls cheered the recent changes to the Powerball drawing, which reduced the odds of winning from 1-in-195 million to only 1-in-175 million.

“The odds just got 20 million better!” exclaimed Lester Cash.

“Twenty. Million. Better. Enough said,” added Sheila Johnson.

Despite the changes, many educators hope that this money can be directed into a comprehensive mathematics curriculum which will give students a solid understanding of probability and will cause them to stop throwing their money away on lottery tickets.

Though some worry that if too much money is funneled into mathematics, a new generation of math scholars will refuse to buy lottery tickets and this will end up creating a ‘lost generation’ among their children, since many legislatures are hesitant to spend significant non-lottery dollars on education.

But Dirk Moore, President of the New Orleans Chamber of Commerce applauds any boost in math education spending. “I think if the people start understanding that they aren’t ever going to win the Powerball, they can use their money more wisely and be able to invest more in drinking and gambling.”

Powerball is currently played in 42 states.

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