Looking For Money, Todd Akin Now Writing Book On How To Properly Rape Someone Legitimately To Avoid Pregnancy

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Now that Todd Akin has lost his election bid for U.S. Senate and will no longer hold his seat in the House of Representatives he is looking for a new way to pay his bills.

It seems that ever since his controversial remarks on rape he has been brainstorming a new ‘how-to’ book on how to properly rape someone legitimately to avoid pregnancy.

“It bothers be tremendously that my remarks were taken as offensive and not as a legitimate way to prevent pregnancy,” said Akin in an interview to The Ozarks Sentinel. “My words were meant to enlighten, not to offend, and because so many have misunderstood my intent I am now writing a book to inform America and the world on how to legitimately rape someone so they will not end up pregnant.” 

Akin’s book is set to hit bookstore shelves in the spring of 2013. The working title for this apparent ‘how-to’ book is, “Rape the Proper Way, Don’t Worry About Getting Her Pregnant.”

So far, the idea for this book is getting mixed reviews nationwide.

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