Walmart To Begin Building Employee Dormitories To Reduce Need of Government Assistance

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Amidst the controversy surrounding Walmart workers wanting to unionize for better wages, hours, and benefits the empire is looking at different methods of combatting the problem of their employees needing government assistance in addition to their pay.

One approach to tackling this problem head-on isn’t raising wages, according to CEO Mike Duke. He doesn’t feel the need to put any more capital into employee pay because that will take away money from profits and his salary. He believes that if Walmart begins building dormitories like those built for the factories in China his employees can be housed on site while not on shift and save money on living expenses. Duke believes that workers can live 12 to a room, and if there are any families special arrangements can be accommodated.

“If there’s one thing I care about, it’s the well-being of my employees,” said Mike Duke. “I understand the worry of not having enough money to get to the end of the month. Hopefully with the creation of these dormitories Walmart can reduce the need of treasured employees looking to the government for help. Our workers are our number one priority, and what better way to say we care than to provide them housing and vouchers to use at our store.”

The dormitories are scheduled to begin being built in late 2013 and to be completed by the spring of 2015. In the mean time Duke hopes his employees nationwide will embrace the new living spaces and prepare for their move. All dormitories will be located within a mile of each Walmart location and shuttles will be provided to bring employees to and from work to prevent lateness or early departures from work. Duke wants all of his workers to know that they are part of the “Walmart family” and what better way to be a family than to all live together under one roof.

Walmart is excited for their new adventure into modern-day feudalism.

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