Minor Stroke Suffers a Ditka

A minor stroke is in a local Chicago hospital today after suffering a Ditka on Friday.

The stroke was attempting to impair an older gentleman who was playing cards at a suburban Chicago country club, but ran into trouble when it realized that the man was legendary Super Bowl-winning of Chicago Bears coach Mike Ditka.

“I’m sorry. I had no idea.  I was just doing what us strokes do. The other strokes put me up to it. How was I supposed to know? It was like hitting a ton of bricks! I still can’t even see straight. I don’t want any trouble. Please apologize for me,” said the stroke.

Coach Ditka said it was “no big deal” and that he was fine.

“It was a big deal to me!” said the stroke.

The stroke should be released from the hospital next week in time to attack lesser men around the Thanksgiving holiday.

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