Papa John’s CEO Threatens To Make His Pizza Taste Worse Than It Already Does If Obamacare Not Repealed

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Papa John’s Pizza CEO John Schnatter is fed up with needing to comply with offering health care for his employees. He’s cutting the hours of his employees to part-time, increasing the price of his pizza, and causing an uproar among conservatives all because of the Affordable Care Act.

To really drive the point home and get the attention of the government and his consumers about his displeasure in looking after his human capital, he’s threatening to make his pizza taste “even worse than it already does.”

A statement released by Mr. Schnatter’s publicist reads:

“Papa John’s will not back down to the big government stronghold trying to suffocate the fortune of CEO John Schnatter. His profits belong to him and him alone. It is absurd to think that he should be required to provide for the well-being of the employees that cook his products and produce his wealth. His employees should be happy to even have the privilege of wearing the Papa John’s logo on their red shirts. If his employees want health care, they should buy it on their own with whatever they have left from their minimum wage salaries. Mr. Schnatter wants everyone to know that until Obamacare is repealed he will purposefully go out of his way to make sure his pizza tastes even worse than it already does. If it tasted like cardboard with ketchup and American cheese to you before, now it will taste like soggy cardboard filled with splinters, doused in expired ketchup, and covered in moldy cheese. He’s hoping that this change in product will boost the efforts of repealing Obamacare, and likely it will.”

It seems Schnatter means business. Free Wood Post has tried to reach the White House for comments about this pizza debacle, but it seems President Obama is busy trying to keep the nation from falling off a fiscal cliff. No comments have been made at this time, but Free Wood Post will work diligently to keep you up to date as details unfold.


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