King of Saudi Arabia Relates to Romney Supporters, Invites Them to Become Citizens

Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz, the king of the monarchical country Saudi Arabia, invited supporters of Mitt Romney to his country Friday morning after he noticed that they have very similar beliefs to his.

“Americans who favored the candidate Mitt Romney are angry that Barack Obama was elected again and many are looking to move to another country because they don’t believe that Obama adheres to their values. I say to those people, you are welcome in Saudi Arabia, where I believe you are better suited. Let me show you that I understand and respect your values. I agree that homosexuality is immoral; therefore, gay marriage is illegal here, and those who sodomize are killed. I agree that contraception is immoral; therefore, it is illegal here, and those who use it will be imprisoned. I agree that sex before marriage is immoral; therefore, it is illegal here, and unmarried citizens caught fornicating get the whip. I agree that women are incapable of making their own choices; therefore, we tell them what to wear, what to learn, and who to marry.”

Aziz also noted that he and Romney supporters believe that religion is an essential component of government. He referred to monarchy, Saudi Arabia’s form of government, and said, “In my country, God chooses our leaders, not the people. As you know, that is the way it should be.”

He also stated that the Qur’an acts as the country’s governing text and related that to Romney supporters by citing that they often use Bible passages to support certain laws in the United States. He acknowledged that it may be difficult to convince the supporters to convert to Islam (Muslim status is required for citizenship), but addressed the issue by saying that Islam is “basically the same religion as yours but with different names for God and his prophet.”

At the end of his speech, Aziz added that Romney supporters would likely find some Saudi Arabian policies too liberal. For example, the country has a universal health care system, and abortion is not completely illegal; it is permitted in situations where the woman’s health is at risk.

Still, Aziz extended a hand to Romney supporters, stating, “Although we won’t agree on everything, as no two people ever will, most of our beliefs are the same. I hereby invite you to join our country, where you will surely be most content. I think we would get along very well; you would all fit in just fine here.”

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