Weimaraner Tails Wagging Over Election Results

Highfalutin Weimaraners everywhere are panting a sigh of relief today after Mitt Romney lost his bid for the White House. The former Massachusetts Governor had plans to adopt a Weimaraner puppy if elected, and this news had normally skittish Weimaraners a little more anxious than usual.

We spoke with Sadie and Ashley at Lovejoy’s Tea Room on Church Street today where the two bitches where enjoying some celebratory tea. They told us the prospect of a Weimaraner in a Romney White House would be catastrophic.

“Can you imagine, he would put his dog in a crate on the roof of Air Force One and fly him to the Cayman Islands!”, Sadie said.

Ashley added, “Even if the puppy was allowed to ride inside the plane, that dimwit would probably open a window mid-flight. Hello, cabin pressure, major suckage.”

These two lady dogs were mostly worried about their friends and family members. They are cousins from the same highly-acclaimed pedigree. “I’m too old, a female, and well, we’re a gay couple actually, truth be known. They would never have us,” said Sadie.

“And, I don’t like binders at all, not since that tragic homework incident a few years back,” Ashley said.

“You’ll always be blamed for that kid’s failing grade,” Sadie added.

While these Weimaraners are relieved that nary a Weimaraner nor a Romney will be moving into the White House anytime soon, they did express regret about their missed chance to meet Rafalca. “A dancing horse, I’d really like to see that!”, Ashley said. “From a distance,” they both added.

It’s a rare occasion to speak to a couple of lady Weimaraners, who are having tea, so we asked them what kind of tea they were drinking. They told us, decaf Earle Grey, of course.


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