Pat Robertson: God Sent Hurricane Sandy To Save America From Mormons

Controversial televangelist and right-wing pundit Pat Robertson has been in the news in the past for comments he made about the causes of hurricanes. He joined other TV preachers in claiming that Katrina was God’s punishment for America’s growing acceptance of homosexuality. Robertson said the devastating earthquake in Haiti was God’s payback for a perceived decades-old slight to the Almighty. With that track record, it’s not surprising that Robertson was quick to blame Sandy on divine intervention. What is shocking is his stance.

Robertson has been incredibly critical of President Barack Obama and his first term. He’s never even hinted at supporting any candidate who didn’t comply with his very conservative and fundamentalist world view. To come out against Mitt Romney and claim God sent Sandy to stop the Republican candidate’s bid for the presidency shows that sometimes, religious animosity between believers is stronger than partisan hatred.

“God is not a Mormon, and he doesn’t want a Mormon to be the president of his America,” Robertson said on his televangelist talk show “The 700 Club.” Romney’s devout Mormonism has troubled many evangelicals, but most seemed more than content to swallow their concerns out of hatred of the incumbent. President Obama is seen by many American fundamentalists as some sort of underground radical Muslim with a fake birth certificate and a communist agenda.

“I don’t care about his crazy Mormon cult,” another televangelist said. “He could worship Gozer the Gozerian for all I care, as long as he favors tax cuts to the rich and wants to cut Medicare.”

With that being the prevailing attitude among the big majority of American conservatives, the statement by Robertson really made waves.

“I can’t cede spiritual control of the United States to a Mormon,” Robertson spewed. “My God knows my wishes, and he sent Hurricane Sandy to make Obama look good. I can’t stand Obama, but I’ll be damned if I’ll support a Mormon!”


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