Millions of FaceBook Users Plan to Retire to Farmville After the Election

A recent Free Wood Post poll shows that millions of Facebook users plan to retire to Farmville after the 2012 Presidential Election. Many people feel emotionally drained and burned out by all the political bickering. Many people just wish to relax and forget about all the political turmoil and farm virtual vegetables as well as to build make-believe homes near their friends in a place that’s not as imaginary like Facebook.

A recent poll conducted by the Free Wood Post concluded that after the 2012 Election many people wish to virtually retire to more serene settings like Farmville and Castleville while many GOP and Tea Party members preferred  to become Plutocrats in CityVille and spend their time buying up property and evicting people from their virtual homes as well as gobbling up companies and firing the workers just for kicks. Approximately 20% of GOP members polled are considering joining Empires & Allies to try their hand at building their personal empires and invading peaceful countries like Canada and Iceland.

Unlike like previous generations who could afford to retire to more scenic and non-virtual locations many people today are opting for more virtual locations where they won’t have to rely on Ramen noodles and government cheese in order to survive. Todd Winter’s of Bismark, North Dakota said, “ I really enjoy Farmville very much, it reminds me of actually farming before the bank foreclosed  on my farm and sold it to an Agro-Corporation  for pennies on the dollar. My wife and I thought about moving to CityVille but we don’t like all the hustle and bustle of virtual city life. It doesn’t seem real like Farmville or Castleville where you can kill real virtual dragons and other cool stuff.”

One thing is for certain as long as people do not have  disposable incomes, we can expect the virtual to be replaced by the actual as well as an increasing number of people preferring the virtual to the real. Fewer people are taking vacations or weekends away and are looking for less expensive ways to be entertained as well as to not actually to interact with real people. Many psychologists predict that virtual relationships will increase over the next decade and there’s also a budding movement  to legalize virtual marriages which will be an interesting social phenomena to follow.


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