Romney Accuses Obama Supporters of Hassling Good People of Ohio Door-to-Door

Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney accused the Obama campaign of sending supporters door to door to “hassle the good people of Ohio” in the recent months and claimed that it has gotten even worse in recent weeks. He says that it’s an intrusion on fine people who are just minding their own business at home and it must be stopped.

“Who would do such an annoying thing?” complained Romney. “You really have to question the character of someone doing something like that. You’ve got good and decent people just trying to live their lives as they see fit. Minding their own business in their own homes. A man’s home is his castle, right? That applies to a lot of my friends quite literally. But maybe they’re eating dinner, watching a ball game, or reading some scripture. Then you get these pesky Obama supporters knocking on their door, trying to tell them about some alleged election. Many of these people who are being bothered are already loyal Republicans, and here these unwelcome visitors are trying to get them to change their whole set of traditions by filling their heads with nonsense about the health of the planet, women’s rights, accessible health care, dignity for gays… Just a bunch of crazy stuff way outside the mainstream.”

“It’s just not right that they can come by whenever they want…all sorts of inconvenient times…to try and get them to, you know, drink the Kool-Aid. Get them to read from the Book of Obama, as it were. It’s just like Democrats to always try to get involved in your business. It’s just un-American to hassle people in their own homes, and I think there ought to be some kind of law against that,” he continued.

No law currently exists on the books barring door-to-door soliciting in Ohio. Or in France, for that matter. The Presidential election will be held on November 6th.


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