Romney Plans On Doing A “Fuck You, World!” Tour To Negate All “Obama Apologies”

"Romney" "Fuck" "You" "Tour" "Obama" "Apology" "Apologies" "Free" "Wood" "Post"

After the final presidential debate on foreign policy it seems as though Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney has added a new plan to his agenda if he were to become Commander-in-Chief. He made it clear that he was very disappointed in President Obama for restoring positive relations with many, if not all allies around the world calling the president’s initial trip when he met with world dignitaries an “Apology Tour.”

To restore the relations back to before President Obama came into office, which according to Gov. Romney were “better times,” he is planning a trip in the first months of his potential presidency to travel from nation to nation shouting, “Fuck you, World! We’re number one and better than all you socialist, commie, bloodsucking, dependent, weak nations. There will be no more Obama apologies. From here on out you will answer to me, and I will only speak with you if I deem it necessary.”

Mitt Romney’s apparent tone is that he wants to have a firm hold on the world, and doesn’t care who he pisses off or what potential collateral damage he may bring forth.

It seems as though Romney’s base is rallying around this chest-thumping world tour and looks forward to making the world pissed off at the United States on many levels once again. One Tea Party Patriot was heard saying, “If they thought Bush was bad, just wait ’til they see Romney…. he’s such a badass, and doesn’t care about what anyone thinks. He knows we’re number one, the best in the world, and we deserve to crumble all other nations.”

When the Obama campaign was asked about Romney’s planned tour they responded with, “we give thanks to him for another four years.”


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