Tagg Romney to Concerned Supporter: “I Bought This Election, Don’t Worry About It”

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CONCORD, NH — Tagg Romney tagged along with his father Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney at a town hall discussion put together so supporters could voice concerns and ask questions regarding the candidate’s policy ideas. After the question and answer session was over, Mitt Romney as well as his son went out to greet supporters, shake hands, and take photos.

It seems that as Tagg Romney was shaking hands with an elderly woman who was very concerned about the outcome of the election he was overheard saying, “I bought this election, don’t worry about it.” The elderly woman smiled, cupped her hands over his and said, “bless your heart, Christ has a special place in heaven for people like you who keep our nation pure from socialism.”

According to various sources Tagg Romney is mailing checks in the amount of $200 to all registered Independent voters in each of the swing states, with most of his focus on Ohio and Florida.

He was overheard at fundraiser in Manchester, NH saying, “these idiots don’t even realize they’re voting against their best interests. We’re gonna bleed ’em dry and laugh our way to the bank. They think they’re voting for fiscal conservatism.. ha! They’re voting for wealthy folks like us to control what their buying, how much they spend, and we’ll end all public programs on top of it, so they’ll be left out in the cold after all is said and done. Stupid people are the key to us winning, and becoming more wealthy and powerful than we could ever dream. By me investing $200 in each potential swing vote it will come back to us ten fold if we win.”

The Romney campaign disavowed the reports of these statements made by the candidate’s son. However, they haven’t confirmed nor denied the validity of the content.


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