Tagg Romney Wanted To Rush Stage At Presidential Debate And Punch Mitt For Naming Him Tagg

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News reports circulating suggest the eldest son of Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney wanted to rush the stage at the presidential debate to stand up for his father after President Obama pointed out the fact that Mitt was lying. Turns out, young master Romney was being harassed by someone in the crowd seated directly behind him. Time and again, the miscreant taunted Tagg about his name, apparently bringing back latent memories from his youth.

The person would tap Tagg on the shoulder and say, “tag, you’re it,” repeatedly. After 10 or 12 times, Tagg lashed out. “I’m so gosh darned tired of this poopie-crap,” he exclaimed. “This isn’t elementary school, and I’m NOT IT!”

If that would have been the end of the taunting, the story might have ended there, but the instigator gave one more dig. “It was your dad who called you that, why don’t you blame him?”

It was the proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back. Tagg couldn’t take it anymore and he went off the tracks. The exchange happened in the crowd and wasn’t recorded.

“Enough! You people have been on my ass about my name since I was in diapers! I am not going to take it anymore! Remember that Johnny Cash song ‘A Boy Named Sue,’ right? He gave it to his old man, and I am going to do the same!”

A few witnesses to the outburst began to talk to reporters and tell what they saw, prompting Tagg Romney to reframe what happened to change the story. Feeling he couldn’t go on record saying he wanted to go up on stage and smack his father around for naming him Tagg, he decided to act angry at President Obama.

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