Romney Slams Obama For Referring to “Terrorist Act” as “Act of Terror”

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Mitt Romney continued his attack on the Obama Administration over the US Embassy attack in Benghazi, Libya. He and his campaign feel this is a winning strategy for collecting those few remaining undecided voters into their column.

“I don’t really understand the point of this,” said Obama spokesman Jay Carney. “I know that Fox News has spent most of their airtime on this, but it seems kind of insane. Everyone agrees across the board that these attackers, whoever they are, are despicable murderers who must be brought to justice.”

Romney pounded his fist on the podium at a press conference this morning, asserting, “Americans were killed in the embassy attack, and President Obama had called the attack ‘an act of terror’, but not ‘a terrorist act’. I’m told that this is extremely bad and for this he owes someone a grave apology. He also had a ‘party’ last weekend, but called it ‘a gathering of friends where food and drink was served.’ And he described a pair of pants he was recently wearing as ‘jeans’, yet the LL Bean web site specifically refers to them as ‘slacks’.”

Look, we just can’t have four more years having a man as President who claims to have worn a ‘fedora’ when it was clearly more of a ‘bowler’.

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