Source: Facebook Making Money From Subscribers’ Organ Donations

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In financial filings by Facebook, Inc., recently obtained through the Freedom of Information Act, it has been revealed that the company receives a small fee for every internal organ which is donated by a deceased Facebook subscriber. The fees received by Facebook, Inc. range anywhere from $30 for a cornea to $300 for a heart. These are relatively small figures for live organs, but it is assumed that the large number of active Facebook subscribers could make this into quite a lucrative revenue stream. The only figures publicly available regarding fee collection are for Q3 2012, which shows a total of $3.7 million amassed. It is not unusual for medical facilities to often pay a premium for organs and the cost is routinely absorbed by the insurance carriers or passed on to consumers in the form of higher premiums.

This only affects subscribers who joined Facebook after June 12, 2009, when the organ donation language was inserted into Facebook’s Terms of Use. Legal experts admit that it is very hard for the layman to have understood what they were agreeing to, even if they had read the entire terms. Facebook has been under pressure to increase revenue, especially since its stock price has been declining steadily ever since its initial public offering. Users can opt out by closing their Facebook account and sending in a notarized request from their lawyer specifying the intent to dissolve the Terms of Use agreement.

Facebook spokesman Bill Gully released a statement pointing out that, while it may seem a grotesque overstep on Facebook’s part, “you have to understand that Facebook needs revenue. We are spending $238 million dollars per quarter just to store cat pictures alone.”

The source for this story was a Facebook post that a friend shared which had about 200 comments attached to it. Some of those comments may have in fact debunked this, but who reads comments anyway?

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