Romney: Only The Wealthy Should Go To School, You Don’t Need A Degree To Shine My Shoes

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This past Monday in Ohio, Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney revealed parts of his education plan if he were to become president. He made it seem clear that not everyone needs to be educated. In fact, he suggested that only those able to afford education expenses out-of-pocket should receive degrees in not only higher education but in pre-K-12 as well.

“The fine thing about being an American is that we are allowed to make choices. Quite honestly, the fact that it seems as some sort of requirement to attend school since you are a tiny child to an adult seems contrary to the values we Americans hold true to our heart. Let’s be honest, folks. Not everyone needs to go to school, and I’m not just talking college, I’m talking elementary, middle school , high school, heck even pre-K. It seems to me to be a waste of time and tax payer dollars. These are kids that could start working at the age of ten or twelve after staying at home to help raise their younger siblings, and then start bringing in income to help their family out. Not everyone needs education. Only the wealthy should go to school, you don’t need a degree to shine my shoes, or wait tables, or mow a lawn, or raise a baby. Those who are wealthy got there for a reason, they are obviously the best fit to run our businesses and run our nation. Imagine the money we’ll save. Golly, we’ll have so much left over we could throw a party, and heck, hire some folks to clean up after us. See… that’s the America I want.”

The apparent savings Mitt Romney is proposing look as though they would cut funding to all public and charter schools, end scholarship programs as well as grants, and deny any child from attending school unless their parents exhibit the proper financial records proving they can afford all the private, for-profit schools at cost on their own.

This proposal will undoubtedly prohibit most children besides a select few from attending any form of schooling at any point in their lives. If a boy genius is born to less than financially satisfactory parents we’ll never know if he would be the man who comes up with the cure for cancer, or finds a way to build a colony on Mars.

It seems this elitist mentality stretches farther than just Romney’s hopes for education, but he also feels that only those who can afford healthcare directly out-of-pocket should be allowed access. When asked how others were supposed to take care of themselves or get treatment Romney said, “Quite honestly, that’s not my problem. They should learn to eat better and exercise, and maybe save up enough aluminum cans to pay for the care they need. I’m not in the business of handing things out. If they can’t afford health care and they die, they have only themselves to blame.”

Oddly enough, his education plan is going over well with his base who doesn’t seem to care about education or want to know the facts about anything anyway. According to polls, he still stands neck and neck with the president.

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