Todd Akin: Democrats Can’t Fool Us With Legitimate Math

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In an interview with local news station FOX 4 News out of Kansas City, Missouri, Rep. Todd Akin revealed what he thinks of the Democrats going after the Republican tax strategy. He seemed to be upset about the Democrats use of math to discredit what Republicans such as himself, as well as Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney have proposed in their tax plans.

“It’s really just a scheme to fool voters into voting for them [Democrats]. Republican voters know better though. They know that we Republicans tell our voters what they need to hear, and they know that Democrats can’t fool us with legitimate math. Let them call in all the economists and tax policy experts they want. Our plan is what it is, and there is no need to try to explain it further. We tell our voters it will work, because it will. That’s really they only answer they need. If the Democrats want to get all fancy with their elitist math skills, let them. It just shows them as the arrogant socialists that they are. We here on the conservative ticket don’t need their fancy math schemes to run our economic policies. We run on our gut and blessings from Jesus Christ our Lord. Anything else is un-American.”

When Rep. Akin was asked to clarify what he meant by “legitimate math” he stated, “Oh, you’re not gonna catch me up in that liberal media trap again. Take what I said and let it be what it is. My supporters understand me, and that’s all that really matters.”

Later in the day Rep. Akin received a call from Mitt Romney thanking him for the remarks he made saying, “You made us proud. Math is for the smart voters, and we know our base… it would just confuse them. Keep it simple, tell them it will work, and then go on as planned making our wealthy contributors happy.” 

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