Romney: I’m Certainly Not Racist, But I Support The Freedom Of My Supporters To Say What They Feel

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Recently, an extremely racist shirt showed up at a Romney/Ryan rally in Ohio. A man was wearing a shirt that insinuated they wanted to put “white” back into the “White House.”

When Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney was asked on a Sunday morning talk show about this shirt and the crowds he seems to be pulling to his side of the presidential race he stated, “Listen, I’m certainly not racist, but I support the freedom of my supporters to say what they feel. That’s the great thing about America, freedom. If someone wants to say something that may appear though provoking, that is their right to do so. If we start limiting the freedom of expression and speech, we begin on a downward spiral towards communism.”

When asked if he would disavow the racist sentiment behind the shirt Romney said, “Like I said, that’s not my call. I don’t want to support it nor disavow its existence. I’m not racist, and I think that’s all the American people really need to know. I care about all American of all colors and backgrounds.”

When asked to clarify his statement Romney said, “I think what I said was perfectly clear.”


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