Obama Ceding US Sovereignty To UN, Says Romney In Fiery Speech Written By Israeli PM Netanyahu

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Mitt Romney came out Friday accusing the Obama Administration of ceding United States sovereignty to the United Nations. He took issue with the fact that the administration has been allowing heads of state from Russia and China, among several others featuring “dark-skinned” people, to assemble in New York City on the island of Manhattan, not far from Ground Zero.

“And I bet you didn’t know this… but they’ve been doing this for quite some time now. A bunch of foreigners…speaking in languages other than English, even. Talking about the concerns of the world as a whole. Heath, food, human rights…and a bunch of other things that don’t create jobs.”

“Well you won’t catch this stuff going on in a Mitt Romney Administration. Americans won’t be told what to do or who to help. What we should be doing is extending settlements in the occupied territories…cracking down harder on Palestinians…threatening military action against Iran over a poorly drawn cartoon bomb…and getting a better Kosher restaurant near the Israeli embassy.”

Romney continued, shaking his fist, “America will not be beholden to any other country on earth! That’s what American exceptionalism is all about. And I will never surrender the authority of the United States to any foreign entity, or my name isn’t state your name here!”

The Obama Administration could not be reached for comment.

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