Joe Biden Charged With Child Abuse

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Following the Vice Presidential debate at Centre College in Kentucky, Vice President Joe Biden was met off stage by police. He has been arrested and charged with abusing a child who had no means to defend himself. It looks as though both RNC chair Reince Priebus and Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney called in security forces to escort Biden off the premises and guide Republican vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan to safety and to seek treatment for his wounds.

“It was just brutal,” said Romney watching from a hotel room in Iowa, “I can’t believe they just let it keep going on like that. It was even worse than my punches at President Obama last week. Why couldn’t Paul just answer the questions? What, is he leaving that up to me?… because I don’t have the answers either, but at least I know how to prevent an opponent from having a chance to respond.”

Paul Ryan is said to be resting comfortably recovering from his injuries at a local pub near Centre College. Joe Biden is currently being questioned for motive, but will likely be released and the charges dropped.

President Obama didn’t have a response on the Biden arrest, however he could be seen grinning from ear to ear.

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