Romney: China Wanting To Take All Our Jobs Is Selfish Considering I’ve Already Given Them So Many

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At a rally recently in Ohio, Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney stated, “China wants to take all of our jobs, which is really selfish considering I’ve already given them so many through my work at Bain.”

In a heart-felt speech to about one-hundred supporters Romney went on to describe his utter discontent with the lack of gratitude China has shown him after all the years they have partnered together.

“You know it’s one thing not to say thank you, but the audacity of wanting even more of our jobs is insulting. I’m just one man, this has to stop. We can’t give them anymore jobs until they show a little appreciation for the thousands I’ve already sent over… which by the way I still support through investments. It’s outrageous, really, and I’ve had enough. I can only take the abuse for so long. We can no longer send anymore jobs there until they show a little respect.”

This speech really showed the genuine compassion of Gov. Romney for his fellow Americans. It also showed that he’s a man who demands respect.

Paul Ryan stated:

“This is exactly why we need Gov. Romney as president. He demands respect, especially from those who have wronged us after we’ve given them so much. He’s a strong leader, but also passionate about America and Americans.”

After Romney’s appearance in Ohio, he went on to make a quick visit at a local hospital stealing candy from all the children in the pediatric unit claiming, “I’m doing them a favor, they don’t need this candy. They’re sick enough as it is, why add a bellyache?”


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