Pamela Geller Hit By Sexist Transit Driver

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Pamela Geller suffered minor injuries today when she was hit by a Muni bus in San Francisco.
Witnesses say the provocative right-wing blogger appeared disoriented and confused at a bus stop on VanNess just prior to stepping out in front of the bus, which was pulling away from the stop. The driver stopped suddenly when he noticed Geller had wandered in front of the bus, but Geller was already knocked to the ground.

The driver stated that he didn’t notice Geller was about to enter the road because he was  distracted by her “hot mama body” and he said that Geller  suddenly “danced into the street like a sex-crazed savage. I think she was doing that Gangnum Style dance or something like that.”

The apparently sexist bus driver added, “Damn, was she hot, did you see that body? She ought to wear a hijab, or she’ll cause accidents all over this city!” The driver reportedly asked a police officer who arrived on the scene if he would charge Geller. That officer told the driver that he could not charge Geller with walking while sexy. “He said there ain’t  no law against that,” the driver said, “That’s just what people do around here.”

A witness at the bus stop spoke to the blogger just prior to the accident. Geller reportedly told her she had been practicing a special beauty regimen where she deprived herself of good food and clean drinking water. The witness said Geller told her she wanted to be savagely beautiful. She added, “she seemed to think this was the best way to achieve that goal. That sounds pretty whack if you ask me”.

Geller entered the spotlight in August after running controversial pro-Israel, anti-Muslim ad posters on city buses and in subway stations in New York City and San Francisco. The posters are considered by many to be racist.

Geller was treated and released from the hospital.  She could not be reached for comment. No charges were filed against the driver nor the blogger.



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