Sarah Palin Denies Existence of WWII-era Japanese Camps

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Last week, Sarah Palin visited Crystal City, Texas, the site of a major Japanese World War II relocation camp, and declared it a “dandy” place to visit. “I heard that there were a lot of Japanese Americans visiting here during World War II, and it looks like a good place for people of Asian descent to get out from behind the dry cleaning desk and learn some of the good old-fashion American things that we do in the good old U-S-of-A,” she said. “There was probably some ropin’ and rustlin’, cooking over an open fire, looking up at this big beautiful Texas sky where they have most of the stars. A great way to really become real Americans,” she continued.

“And it’s even more special because I hear this is the 70th anniversary of this facility and those proud people of Japan who chose to do the right thing and become Americans and celebrate that in this great state. They must be very proud of everything they learned here and I’m sure that they are grateful for all of that famous Texas hospitality that they must have received while they were here…” she stated further.

When asked by some reporters in attendance whether she felt it was wrong for the United States to operate concentration camps to house its own citizens, only because they were originally of Japanese descent, she became visibly agitated. “You don’t really expect anyone to believe that we held our own citizens against their will, do ya?”, as she raised her voice.

“Now, I have heard that there are liberals and many in the lamestream MSM media, who don’t believe that America is the greatest country in the world, saying that this was a ‘concentration camp’ and that the Japanese were held here against their will. Now anyone who has half a brain knows that America IS the greatest country in the world and we don’t do anything like that and the proof is that those Japanese are all so very smart. We had a few in Alaska and they were all studying their books and reading their magazines and going to that place where all of the books are… People who love America and truly respect its diversity in all forms know what is true and we know that the Japanese are already plenty smart and wouldn’t need any extra help with their concentration. Use your brain, people!”

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