Presidential Debate: Romney Rushed To Hospital After Smirk Freezes On Face

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The first debate between presidential candidates Barack Obama and Mitt Romney ended early when the Republican was rushed to a Denver area hospital for treatment of what doctors initially described as “frozen face syndrome.” Romney continually stood with an smirk on his face when it was President Obama’s turn to speak.

Unfortunately for Romney, he suffered the muscle condition that led to his facial expression freezing in the smirk. He was especially snide just before beginning his comment about Obamacare when he found himself unable to speak coherently. At first, everyone in the building thought it was just another feeble attempt for Romney to dodge a serious question, but then it became apparent there was a real medical condition in play.

Paramedics came on the stage and administered facial relaxants meant to ease Romney’s face back into its normal expression, but they were unable to smooth the snark off his face and the decision was made to transport him. It’s entirely possible surgery will have to performed to return Romney’s face back to what it was before, a condescending scowl with a fake smile.

After Romney was taken off the stage, vice presidential hopeful Paul Ryan took to the Republican podium to cover for the man at the top of the GOP ticket. Ryan quickly found himself in over his head and effectively ended the chances of the conservative ticket when he flubbed his lines and called himself the next president of the United States.

As for Romney, if he does require surgery, his face could be out of the public eye for a month. Conventional wisdom might suggest that being absent from the campaign trail would be a distraction. When looking at how Romney has moved from one gaffe to another, his being out of the public eye could actually benefit his campaign.



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