Millions Seeking Obamacare Death Panel Jobs Unable to Apply

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Millions of people are seeking to get a foot in the door before the advent of the Affordable Health Care Act, commonly known as Obamacare goes into effect but no one in our government seems to know how to apply for these much talked about Death Panel jobs. We  contacted the Office of Personnel Management but no one at the OPM knew of a single job posting relating to Obamacare Death Panel jobs and they also didn’t have any advice for the people seeking these positions but suggested we contact members of Congress who probably knew more about the positions, since the House and Senate members were the ones who most often discussed those concerns with their constituents.

We contacted Rep. Michele Bachmann Republican member of the United States House of Representatives, representing Minnesota’s 6th congressional district and asked her office to give us some resources in regards to these Death Panel jobs that she has so often warned her constituents about and seems to be Congress’s leading expert on the subject but her office declined to offer any information on the subject even though we filed a Freedom of Information Act request for her pertinent  documents and files regarding these Death Panels which was  unfortunately a fruitless effort. We did manage to speak to an anonymous source from Rep. Bachmann’s staff  which revealed that supposedly all the secret files regarding the Obamacare Death Panels were being held at Secret FEMA Camp outside of Washington D.C. in an innocuous looking facility.

We contacted the Federal Emergency Management Administration (FEMA) which is an agency of the Department of Homeland Security and we were told that no such files or jobs have ever existed nor does the U.S. Government have any plans to convene health care related death panels but  they did have job openings for temporary FEMA workers at Disaster Relief Camps on an on-call basis. Some conspiracy theorists claim these are the secretive FEMA Camps that were covertly created by President Obama to house politically undesirable opponents to his so-called nefarious new world order agenda. The Affordable Care Act goes into effect on January, 1st in 2014, only time will tell if these secret Death Panels actually exist. Hopefully we won’t be standing in front of them any time soon. Thank goodness for patriotic Americans sounding the alarm like Rep. Bachmann who stands dauntless in protecting us from dark secrets so secret that not even the people in the highest levels of our government even know of their alleged existence.

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