RNC Reversing Ticket, Putting Ryan On Top Amidst Romney Controversy

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Looking at all the peril Gov. Mitt Romney has brought upon Republican chances at getting the White House back, the Republican National Committee is taking a bold move and reversing the Presidential ticket. They feel this decision is imperative and cannot be avoided amidst the controversy brought about by Romney’s latest gaffes regarding Libya, approval of Obamacare (via approval of his own plan in Massachusetts for which Obamacare was based), and the video released regarding his remarks disregarding half of the nation.

As of immediately, Paul Ryan will be the Republican Presidential nominee, and Romney will take on the role as Vice Presidential nominee. It is the hope of the RNC that Romney slip quietly into the background, at least until his debate with Vice President Joe Biden.

The RNC has released this statement regarding the last-minute switch:

This decision has been thrown around the RNC for quite some time now, but at this moment we have come to the unanimous decision that Gov. Romney does not have a chance at winning the 2012 Presidential election. We also look to Paul Ryan as a true and consistent voice of conservatism, something Gov. Romney has never proven himself to be, varying on his stance on major issues throughout his political tenure. Paul Ryan emboldens our hopes at regaining the White House and pushing forward our conservative agenda for America for the betterment of each and every citizen within the United States of America. We thank you for understanding this last-minute decision, but we feel it is the best one we could make at this moment of crisis.

Paul Ryan is currently being prepped for his upcoming debates with President Obama. The RNC is confident that Ryan will fare well against the current Commander-in-Chief as long as he stays true to his conservative values. Something they were not confident Mitt Romney could do.

There was already speculation that the RNC was pushing Paul Ryan onto the potential presidential map because they were hopeful for him to win in either in 2016 (if need be) or 2020. However, it looks as though they couldn’t wait that long.


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