Rep. Allen West Confuses Richard Marx with Karl Marx

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Allen West, U.S. Representative from Florida, caused a stir on the House floor Wednesday when he motioned for the impeachment of President Barack Obama. After a loud and somewhat lengthy kerfuffle, West explained that he had in his possession audio tapes from the late 80s and early 90s of the President, which contained unprecedented information proving him unfit for the Presidency of the United States.

“On this tape…and I’ve had this scientifically verified as being Barack Hussein Obama’s actual voice…he claims to profess an treasonous admiration for the works of Marx! Now I’ve warned before of the communist element within this lawmaking body and beyond. You didn’t listen. You laughed. Yet here it is in plain English!” West continued.

After an unprecedented assemblage of the House Committee on Ethics, it was determined that the Marx referenced was actually not Karl Marx, the noted revolutionary socialist, but Richard Marx, the contemporary pop singer who was being referenced in the audio.

“Don’t mean nothing, ” said West. “Karl Marx…Richard Marx…what’s the difference? I’m satisfied that he’s a danger to America, now and forever.” But West earned sharp rebuke from his colleagues. “Should’ve known better, ” said Debbie Wasserman Schultz. “All of these endless summer nights and you keep coming back to this garbage. If you have any REAL information about treason, we’ll be right here waiting.”

The committee decided that, while being particularly embarrassing and showing extremely poor judgment, Obama’s admiration of the works of Richard Marx did not rise to the treasonous levels suggested by Representative West.

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