Romney Campaign Fights Back with Damning Young Obama Videos

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Recently, a video surfaced showing Mitt Romney stating that 47% of Americans “are dependent upon government, “believe they are victims”, and won’t “take responsibility for themselves”, and it has deeply hurt Romney poll numbers. But the Romney campaign has effectively struck back with a series of videos made of a younger Barack Obama, which they believe will shift the focus to Obama’s desire for policies that they believe are simply un-American.

First was a video from a 1998 conference at Loyola University where Obama appears to say that he “actually believes in redistribution, at least at a certain level to make sure that everybody’s got a shot.” That damning clip seemed to make it hard for Obama to deny his support for redistribution programs that he has been running on his watch, namely Medicare, Medicaid, “Social” Security, a “progressive” tax code, and the Post Office – which literally redistributes the wealth redistributions themselves (double redistribution).

As if that weren’t troubling enough for the Obama campaign, next came a video released by Fox News via – allegedly made in 1971 – where a 9-year-old Barack Obama is seen sharing his lunch with a dark-skinned (yet unidentified) youth who had predictably spent his lunch money on the frivolous purchase of a superball.

“Even as a nine-year-old,” said Fox host Sean Hannity, “you can see that Obama is aiding the irresponsible and basically rewarding the other child for his poor choices. And that’s the kind of thing that breeds a culture of dependence. And that’s the philosophy that has driven this radical President, since at least 1971. This is what America needs to be watching. Not some months old video of Mitt Romney partaking in a bit of locker room humor with his pals. And I bet you won’t see this reported on other cable channels.”

Rush Limbaugh also addressed the video, pointing out that “Look, Obama has a cheese sandwich. He wasn’t even eating meat. Probably due to some kind of Muslim dietary restriction. And grapes. Even then he was pushing this healthy eating mumbo jumbo that he now has his wife pushing. The guy simply is not like the rest of us.” The Obama campaign has so far declined comment.

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