Romney: 47% Of The Nation Needs To Pack Up And Leave

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Some additional leaked video footage has been discovered showing Republican Presidential Nominee Mitt Romney on his estate in New Hampshire. It seems one of his house employees serving a gathering of local donors and friends captured the former governor of Massachusetts revealing his true feelings about what 47% of the country needs to do, at least according to him.

“These people, these freeloading, non-taxpaying people. This 47% of the nation.. who wouldn’t know hard work if it bit them on the behind… need to leave. They need to pack up and leave. They are draining our nation of critical funds, and not giving anything back. They expect everything to be handed to them, and quite frankly I don’t want to have them around anymore. Now it’s all about figuring out how to oust them without looking like a fascist. However, sometimes you just need to call a spade a spade. Think about it guys, all the money we would save… and we wouldn’t have to pay nearly as much in taxes either. It’s a win win… well at least for us.”

This video is just starting to make the rounds, especially since the other video of Romney at a dinner with his donors has been verified by the Romney camp itself. We’re under an order not to release the footage, but we were allowed to release the comments made. It’s only a matter of time before this new video is as viral as the one currently in the limelight.

The house staff member of the Romney home has since been let go and is currently under legal counsel after breaking a confidentiality agreement prohibiting any house business from reaching the public.

Free Wood Post will keep you up to date as this story evolves.

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