Mitt Romney on Casey Anthony Endorsement: And They Said We Don’t Appeal to Women

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It seems Mitt Romney is open to any and all help he can get lately. In a recent interview on Good Morning America Casey Anthony was asked about what she’s been up to lately. She told the morning show’s Robin Roberts, “not as much as you might think, I’ve really been trying to just lay low. However I have decided to donate some of my time to get Mitt Romney elected this November for President. He really embodies my values as a human-being, and we need someone like him in the White House.”

When the Republican Presidential nominee was notified of this new endorsement Romney chimed back saying, “we’re always happy to hear about new supporters, especially those who will even donate their time and energy to the campaign. It’s just more proof that we are appealing to a widening demographic… and they said we don’t appeal to women. We appeal to America, because America knows we need solutions to our problems not just stale ideas that keep us in the hole.” 

Romney was then asked how he felt about having someone who is not necessarily very popular in the public eye supporting him vocally on the national stage. To which he replied, “These days who is? I mean really, look at me. I have a lot of people who don’t like me either going after me for what I did or didn’t do. In that regard me and this young lady have quite a lot in common and I embrace her endorsement fully.” 

It seems Mitt Romney is willing to take an endorsement from anyone these days. Earlier this year he welcomed an endorsement from the Philadelphia Eagles, Michael Vick. Their common bond of the mistreatment of animals really brought the pair together on the campaign trail, and may have effectively helped Romney clinch the Republican nomination.

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