Clint Eastwood Thought President Obama Was Really There

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Last night at the Republican National Convention Clint Eastwood gave a speech in favor of GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney. During his speech he had a conversation with which to most of us seemed like an empty chair, because it was. However Mr. Eastwood legitimately thought he was conversing with our current Commander-in-Chief, President Barack Obama.

Catching up with Eastwood after the convention, Free Wood Post gathered this quote from the seemingly delusional actor.

“You know, everyone is making a big deal about me talking to President Obama. I’m not clear as to why. He was sitting there on stage with me in a roast like fashion, and I was doing what you do at roasts, being funny and quirky with our Commander-in-Chief. I disagree with the man and he knows this, but what I don’t understand is why everyone is still talking about my speech and not the new GOP nominee Mitt Romney’s speech. He was the man of the hour, not me. Let’s move on from this poppycock and look towards winning this election in November.”

It seems Mr. Eastwood really believes President Obama was there on stage with him. One can only assume that he is either senile, or suffering from the side-effects of a medicine he may be taking currently.

We here at Free Wood Post wish Clint Eastwood the best in his recovery from whatever it was that happened to him last night. May he get the help he needs.

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