Fox News Reminds Viewers How Much President Obama Botched Things During Katrina

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In the wake of hurricane Isaac, a worrisome storm whose path and timing are eerily reminiscent of hurricane Katrina’s just seven years ago, Fox News anchors have been discussing just how badly then-president Obama handled disaster relief in the wake of hurricane Katrina, one of the deadliest weather-related disasters the United States has ever known.

“So much of the damage from Katrina could have been avoided had President Obama, our commander-in-Chief at the time, bothered to look up from his permanent residence on the golf course and taken action,” said Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly.

“Because of President Obama’s criminal negligence, hundreds of American lives and a once-thriving businesses community in New Orleans were destroyed,” she said.

Fox Anchor Chris Wallace noted that it was strange that criminal charges were never filed against President Obama for his callous lack of preparative actions in the days prior to Katrina’s landfall, adding that the president “also failed to ensure that swift and restorative actions were taken to rebuild the devastated Gulf Coast.

“He didn’t even visit the scene of the disaster until five days after the hurricane,” he said, shaking his head in disgust.

Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus was also quick to agree that the president should be condemned for “the utter incompetence with which everything having to do with hurricane Katrina was handled by the Obama administration.”

He told reporters that the incident, “Has left a permanent stain on the record of the Democratic party.

“I don’t think Obama’s cruel indifference to some of America’s poorest and most vulnerable in the aftermath of Katrina will be forgotten any time soon,” he concluded.

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