Ann Romney Admits to Loving Women and Eating Tuna

"Ann" "Romney" "Free" "Wood" "Post" "Tuna" "Women"

Last night at the Republican National Convention in Tampa, Florida, Ann Romney gave a speech in support of her husband and Republican presidential nominee, Mitt Romney. She spoke of how they met, where they went to school, trying times raising children, as well as balancing career and family.

As she gloated on and on about how wonderful her husband is she seemed to let something slip. We here at FWP are not sure it was a gaffe or an intended remark by the potential First Lady.

After speaking about how much she appreciates the efforts of women all over the nation being the cornerstone of our society and keeping everything together, she blurted out without hesitation, “I love you women!!”

It was very loud in an Oprah-esque fashion, and she seemed to be very enthusiastic about this remark.

She also admitted within her speech that she ate pasta and “tuna” when she and Mitt were just starting out as a young couple as he finished up Business and Law School at Harvard.

Piecing together these tidbits of information can only lead to one conclusion. Ann Romney is a lesbian.

We here at Free Wood Post would like to be the first to congratulate her on her life revelation and coming out on such public platform. We’re not sure how this will affect her marriage with Mitt, but knowing she is such an ally of the gay community may definitely help sway the independent vote in their favor.

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