Pack Your Bags: Romney Seeks To Ship All Economic Burdens Overseas, Including The Poor

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In their plan to reduce the deficit, the Romney campaign has released part of their strategy to increase the United States’ financial standing within the international economy. Romney’s plan includes shipping all economic burdens that are not connected to national security overseas to nations better suited to handle the expenditures. They are calling it the “Bottom Line Initiative.”

Within the Bottom Line Initiative all costs that cannot be switched to private industry will be sold off to other nations. This will include, but is not limited to all public sector jobs that can’t be privatized as well as selling poverty-stricken Americans who can no longer contribute to society. Those individuals will be auctioned off to other nations as a form of cheap labor.

Critics of the Bottom Line Initiative are wondering why U.S. industries can’t just hire the unemployed and poverty-stricken Americans in need of public assistance, even if it was through no fault of their own. The response to that critique from the Romney campaign was, “Americans expect to be paid fairly. That cuts into the bottom line of private industry, and since we can’t afford to employ them or take care of them because they can no longer provide for themselves, we see selling them off to other nations as a win-win. They get cheap labor, and we rid ourselves of economic burdens as a nation.”

This plan sounds a bit like slave trade and is still under review of economists, but it doesn’t seem likely that it will go over well with Congress or for that matter, most of America. However it does fall in lock-step with many other Republican plans to privatize all business, as well as cut our way to success without assessing the collateral damage. It also sounds familiar to the way Mitt Romney used to run some of his business ventures; ship jobs overseas to cut the costs here at home. He failed to recognize though that when you ship jobs overseas that equates to more people living off the government dime. It seems he’s now proposing a solution to the problem he created that is similar to how created the problem in the first place.

Mitt Romney plans on introducing this idea at upcoming rallies as well as at the GOP convention in Tampa, FL.

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