Romney to Retroactively Sue Aquafresh for Copyright Infringement of Logo

"Romney" "retroactively" "Suing" "Aquafresh" "Free" "Wood" "Post"

The Romney campaign is very upset at Aquafresh for using their idea for a logo first, and since Mitt Romney is an expert at retroactively doing things they figured they would take the proper legal action.

The lawsuit is being filed and will settle for an undisclosed amount if Aquafresh immediately ceases use of the artwork both parties have been using as a logo.

Here is the statement from the Romney campaign:

It has been brought to our attention that the toothpaste brand Aquafresh has been using our campaign logo for quite some time now. We will not stand for this infringement and plan to take the proper course of action to make sure they cease and desist all former and current use. We will be retroactively copyrighting the Romney campaign logo to predate Aquafresh’s first use of the artwork in 1983 when their “triple protection” logo was first used.

We will have to wait and see if Aquafresh decides to settle, or simply laughs the Romney campaign straight out of court.

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