Mitt Romney Promises to Send His Sons First if War With Iran is Necessary

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It is not yet known if the United States will need to take direct action on Iran, but one thing is certain according to Mitt Romney, if war is necessary his sons will be the first to go.

If Romney were to be President of the United States he wants the rest of America to know that he means business and would never walk into a decision lightly or simply for a political power grab in his quest for legitimacy as a world leader. He knows that war is a last resort, but sometimes it is necessary. To prove he would never put the lives of America’s sons and daughters in peril for unwarranted risk, he has asked all five of his sons to stand ready to serve if he were to deem it necessary.

Honestly, this is a very powerful message to not only the nation, but to the world. It shows that when he means business, he puts his family where his mouth is. He is willing to risk the lives of his sons to benefit the greater good of the world. Some could say it is heroic, others who are religious may see it as a magnificent gesture just as when Abraham was willing to sacrifice his son Isaac.

We will have to wait and see if this sacrificial gesture bodes well for him in the general election this November. One thing is for certain, families of American servicemen and women now know exactly how serious Mitt Romney takes the act of war.

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