Paul Ryan Proposes Back to Work Plan for the Nation’s Seniors

Rep. Paul Ryan’s (R-WI)  Medicare plan as well as his plan to cut Social Security and raise the retirement age for seniors to 67 has come under fire by the House Democrats and Senators. He has come up with a bold and innovative solution to help those seniors who feel they will be hurt by his budget cuts. He is proposing a National Seniors Back to Work bill that will help seniors make extra money and help the nation’s farmers who have been hit dramatically by the recent wave of anti-immigration laws. The proposal is both simple as well as brilliant.

Farmers nationwide have lost record number of workers due to “Papers Please” laws in many of the southern states. The law would drop the minimum wage to $3.50 per hour in order to allow farmers to hire more seniors to work their fields and also aid in dropping the prices of food and items such as cat food thereby creating more disposable income for most Americans to purchase goods and services. Other benefits would be that there will be less immigrants who would be seeking work that would be available to legal Americans  as well as utilizing an experienced workforce.

Another aspect of this proposal would be to employ younger Americans who were denied Pell Grants due to Congressional budget cuts.  The National Seniors Back to Work bill would also employ millions of out of work youth  who would be otherwise be in college studying evolution and other unwholesome subjects such as political studies, science and perhaps even women’s studies. This bill would allow the nation’s youth to learn the value of hard work and virtues such as obedience to one’s employer and humility. The plan also allows for leisure time such as Bible study for an hour every day. The proposal would  extend the work day to 12 hours and extend the work week to 6 days so that seniors will be able to make more per week, that’s a total of $234 more a week before the proposed 24% Retirement Tax on those making under 250K per year.

The  National Seniors Back to Work bill would allow seniors to get the exercise that they need as well as reduce our nation’s obesity epidemic. The Ryan Plan will call for mandatory investment of all Social Security accounts into an investment portfolio with the investment broker of the senior’s choice. This will provide guaranteed safety for all the senior’s investments and embolden a feeling of security.

The Medicare portion of the bill would focus on a voucher program that would allow seniors to choose the private health care carrier of their choice as long a they don’t have any pre-existing conditions that aren’t covered under their carriers plan. Some have complained about the $75 co-pay as well as the $4,600 deductible. The proposal does however cover free blood pressure screenings once a year and a free physical exam every other year. Though all medications for pre-existing conditions are not covered in the plan, all medications from other illnesses are covered for a reasonable $50 co-pay.

The National Seniors Back to Work bill will provide a renewed feeling of dignity and pride in seniors as well as teach younger Americans the value of a hard days work and an overwhelming healthy respect for one’s employer.


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