Romney to Male Supporters: Tell Your Wives to Vote For Me

Recent polls have shown Romney with an alarmingly low favorability rating among female voters.  According to several surveys conducted this week, many women are concerned that the Republican Presidential hopeful may be out of step when it comes to the issues that are most important to them– including education and healthcare reform.

Romney’s strategy for engaging with female voters has long been to highlight his strong marriage and his close relationship with his wife, Ann, telling female voters that he “personally understands how difficult it is for a woman to raise a family and manage an entire household, especially after a long day of horse-dancing.”

However, there are indications that this strategy has been ineffective when it comes to single women– with whom his ratings are increasingly dismal. This can be explained in part by a recent gaffe the candidate made during a now infamous interview on Fox News, when he stated that he is less concerned about appealing to single women voters, since “they are generally more focused on catching a man than on following the Presidential race” and “if they do vote, most of them are just going to put one of their cats down as a write-in candidate anyway.”

Having given up on the single-woman demographic, television ads and speeches have shown Romney doubling-down on attempts to gain votes from married women in recent days, by going so far as to ask their husbands to step in and influence them.

“You are the head of your household,” Romney grins in a recent television ad, presumably aimed at married men.  “You’re the king of your castle.  Make sure all of your subjects are supporting the candidate YOU support!”

The nominee aims playful finger-guns at the camera.  “Tell your wife to vote Romney– or no spending money for a month!” he says.

Despite his worrying lag in the polls, Romney is staying positive.”I’m honestly not that worried about my standing with women voters,” he told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer during a candid interview early this week.  “After all, they tend to make less money than men, and as we know, when it comes to politics, money is power.  So let them give their girly, pink little women votes to Obama,” he said, adding,  “I think things are going to work out just fine for me and the boys.”

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