Michele Bachmann’s Lesbian Partner From College Speaks Out, Defying Confidentiality Agreement

"Michele Bachmann" "lesbian"

It has been well-known that Minnesota Republican Rep. Michele Bachmann has been against gay rights, however up until this past week we have not known the true reason why. Apparently while Bachmann was attending Winona State University she had a year-long romance with one of her fellow female classmates.

Free Wood Post was able to interview Bachmann’s former partner recently at a Democratic campaign event in Minnesota.  She made us aware that she was required to sign a confidentiality agreement, but is willing to accept the consequences because she feels it’s imperative that this story be told. We’ve summarized the interview below for your convenience.

Bachmann (then known as Michele Amble) was dating fellow Minnesota resident Lisa Jergon, now a teacher at a public middle school, for close to a year when Jergon’s parents stepped in and put an end to the relationship. The break-up apparently devastated Bachmann and sent her into a deep depression which lead her to seek counseling at a local gay and lesbian community center located not far off the WSU campus. It was there where she met Marcus Bachmann, also coming out of a break-up with his partner. The two became best of friends and decided that if they couldn’t be with their true loves they would be with each other and make the best of a bad situation. It was also then that Bachmann decided that if she couldn’t be with her lover, she would make it impossible for others to be with theirs as well. In turn this has become one of the centerpieces of her political campaigns throughout the years.


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