US Olympians Wonder Why Fox News Calls Themselves News

Recently, Fox News attacked US Olympians for not wearing more red, white, and blue claiming the uniforms they are wearing are not patriotic enough. Well it seems the US Olympians have a question to ask Fox News. They are curious as to how Fox News can call themselves news, and act as though they offer competitive journalism when all they offer to their viewership is pandered “bullshit.”

In an interview with Jason Lindsay from the US Olympic Badminton team, FWP asked the young man what he thought of Fox News’ remarks regarding the patriotism of the US team’s uniforms. Lindsay replied, “I have no idea what the color of our uniforms has to do with anything. We are representing our nation the best that we can, and our uniforms should really have nothing to do with the conversation. Was Fox News having a slow news day or something? I mean really, with stories like that, how can they even call themselves news. They should call themselves Fox Opinion and Deliberately Trying to Piss People Off For No Reason.” 

Catching up with marathon runner Jessica Kellons, FWP asked what her take on Fox News making a big deal of the uniforms was. Kellons responded, “They what?! They are questioning our patriotism? Really? Is that all they have to report on? Wondering if we wear enough red, white, and blue? I thought there was an economic crisis going on, and a presidential race underway, and this is what they choose to focus on? Pathetic.” 

The sentiment held by these two competitors seemed to carry through to everyone else interviewed. This non-story of apparent lack of patriotism not only seemed un-newsworthy, but also seemed to offend many athletes who have worked for years to perfect their ability to represent the nation we all love and call home.

Someone should probably notify Fox News that those “unpatriotic” Americans are neck in neck with China for number of medals earned, and maybe focus on the actual Olympic competition and not comment like Joan Rivers about what our athletes are wearing.

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