Romney: Queen Elizabeth is “Wrinklier in Person”

Presidential Nominee Mitt Romney ruffled feathers in Britain this week by telling reporters that Queen Elizabeth is “much wrinklier in person” during a press conference following his visit to Buckingham palace.  “I’m just saying, it took me a bit by surprise,” he added.

Hearing the audible gasps of the press, the gaffe-prone candidate tried to backpedal, adding that the Queen also “dressed very well for a woman of her advanced age”, and had “really cute little dogs”.

Romney has not made many friends on his trip to the UK, particularly since his thinly-veiled criticism of Prime Minister David Cameron’s security preparations for the upcoming UK-hosted Summer Olympic Games.

A casual visit to a London pub by Romney and his handlers later that day also threatened to end in disaster.  First the candidate sneeringly refused the owner’s offer of a pint, then he reportedly made a face when asked if he’d like to sample the pub’s renowned fish & chips.

“I brought food from home, thanks,” he joked, shocking bystanders.    “Just kidding about that,” he added with a grin.  “But seriously guys, English food is the worst, am I right, chaps?”

Romney also met with Secretary of State Jeremy Hunt that afternoon for a brief chat about the upcoming games.  The talk seemed to go smoothly, with Romney later telling reporters that Hunt was “a smashing bloke”.

However, it was later discovered that someone had stuck a sign to the Secretary’s back that said, “KISS ME, I’M A POOFTER”.  When questioned about this prank, Romney vehemently denied any involvement, then winked broadly and laughed.

“You dumb Brits,” he said.  “Can’t take a joke, can you?”

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