Sheriff Joe Arpaio Saved By Illegal Immigrant

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It was a scary moment for Sheriff Joe Arpaio as he was walking to the store early Tuesday morning. The infamous Arizona sheriff was on his way to get some groceries when he was approached by three men who proceeded to attack him.

Normally, Sheriff Arpaio would be carrying his concealed weapon, but he figured he could run to the store quickly without it. However as Murphy’s Law would have it the sheriff ran into trouble, and was stuck without his gun or any protection.

Luckily for the sheriff, Juan Martinez was walking to his day job down the street from where the attack was taking place. Martinez works as a gardener for several local customers that need odds and ends done at a reasonable price.

Martinez noticed the scuffle down the street, and quickly ran to the aid of Sheriff Arpaio. He was able to knock down the biggest perpetrator and then kick away the weapons from the other two. The sheriff then was able to get to his feet and help Martinez fight them off while phoning the police. Two cruisers showed up within 30 seconds and the attackers were arrested and brought in to the police station.

Sheriff Arpaio thanked Juan Martinez at a private ceremony where he helped the young immigrant fill out the proper paperwork to gain legal status in the United States.

When asked if this attack changed his views on illegal immigration Sheriff Arpaio said, “I guess they’re not all bad people. They seem to be here to work and provide a better life for their families. I still don’t want them here illegally, so I’m going to work hard at making the immigration process easier, instead of just criminalizing the ones that get here by their own means.”

Apparently, it takes extreme situations to finally open someone’s eyes to a reality that has always been there.

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