Ann Romney: Of Course We Think We’re Above the Law

"Ann Romney" "above the law"

Recently, Ann Romney has been coming to the defense of her husband in regards to his tax returns as well as their life. She doesn’t want people to know more about their life than necessary because then they will be open to attacks. In an interview with ABC’s Robin Roberts she said, “And we’ve given all you people need to know and understand about our financial situation and about how — you know, how we live our life.” 

Mrs. Romney didn’t stop there though. Later in the day she sat down with Sean Hannity and discussed why she thought she and her husband have given the public all they need to know.

“It comes down to this, Sean. We are very powerful people who need to keep our lives as private as possible to protect our image. There is no reason we need to give more than what is legally necessary or considered adequate. Mitt and I live our lives as we always have, and of course we think we’re above the law. We have bought our way out of several risky situations. It’s amazing what a little clever accounting can do.”

Hannity went on to ask her about what her husband’s next plans are in their goal towards the White House. She responded, “We take the campaign day-to-day. We never know what will need to be said or done… we take our cue from the people.” 


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