POLL: Heterosexual Marriage Approval Rating at 53%

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It seems there is some bad news on the heterosexual marriage front. Recent poll numbers taken from individuals in 35 states with varying socioeconomic status and gender shows that the approval rating for opposite-sex marriage has gone down since last May to 53% from 59%.

Experts are weighing in key factors as to why this downshift of heterosexual marriage is occurring. Many conservatives are blaming the upswing of homosexual marriage, while others might be looking at Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes divorcing and think there is no hope.

“Many Americans are simply choosing to stay in long-term relationships and cohabitate with their opposite-sex partner instead of taking the plunge into marriage.”  -Dr. Joseph Wilmington, Expert in Marriage Compatibility, eHarmony.com

These same experts are saying that as long as heterosexual marriage approval stays above 50% there is really no cause for alarm. However, that number seems to be getting dangerously close.

Hopefully in the coming months and years more people will find they favor opposite-sex marriage once again. Until then, television shows like the Bachelor and Bachelorette may go out of style, because it looks as though people are losing the interest in getting married altogether.

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