Jon Kyl: We Need to Let Businesses Screw Everyone on Wages and Safety

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“Stupid Obama and his rules.” -Sen. Jon Kyl (R-AZ)

In a moment of clarity on Meet the Press this morning, Sen. Jon Kyl (R-AZ) told David Gregory his plan to bring jobs back to the United States. He basically said that if we want to create more jobs here in the US instead of overseas, we need to let businesses do whatever the heck they want.

David Gregory asked Sen. Kyl what he believed to be the biggest issue in why companies outsource overseas. Kyl responded, “The truth is, Obama has destroyed our economy. He expects people to follow the rules, and let’s be real about this… there are just too many rules. He wants companies to pay fair wages, follow health and safety standards, offer sick and vacation leave, and my biggest pet peeve… weekends. I mean really, who does he think he is? The president of some socialist commune?? We need to let businesses screw everyone on wages and safety… that will bring jobs home. We don’t need a man telling us we need clean air and water, we need a president that will understand what companies want… money, and the ability to keep as much of it as possible without having to worry about silly things like employees and safety standards. One man who definitely knows how to screw people is Mitt Romney, he’s perfect for the job of president.”

David Gregory then informed Sen. Kyl that jobs were being outsourced long before President Obama took office. Kyl explained, “they sensed he was coming, and got out while they could.”  

Kyl left the interview stating, “Stupid Obama and his rules.”



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