Mitt Romney: The NRA is a Baseless Organization

"Romney" "NRA" "baseless"

It appears Gov. Mitt Romney may have really stepped in it this time. While meeting with supporters in The Hamptons recently, Romney was asked a series of questions regarding organizations he supports. Among those listed were “Focus on the Family,” the “National Right to Life Committee,” “Equestrians for a Brighter Future,” and “Young Entrepreneurs of Wall Street.”

When asked why he didn’t mention the National Rifle Association he stated, “I really can’t get behind the NRA, they tell too many lies for me to back them 100 percent. Quite frankly, the NRA is a baseless organization. All they do is scare people into giving them more money.”

Considering how many of his supporters are gung-ho NRA members, this was probably not the route for the presidential candidate to take. The backlash may be severe if word of this blunder reaches the conservative blogosphere. Especially since he appeared not too long ago at the NRA convention with such moxie.

The Romney camp has already put out a statement reading:

Gov. Mitt Romney fully supports the endeavors put forth by the National Rifle Association. They are true patriots that stand up for freedom and the American way. When he becomes president, he plans to uphold the freedoms guaranteed to each American as given to us by our creator in the constitution. 

My guess is, they are hoping to avert this disaster altogether.

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