LMFAO Announces Plans to ‘Do the Right Thing’ and Quit Making ‘Music’

“I just can’t do it anymore,” admitted Redfoo in an interview with Rolling Stone on Monday. Redfoo and his nephew Sky Blu make up the electro-hip hop duo LMFAO, which has gained popularity among idiots who don’t know real music ever since their first album release in 2009, and they were even nominated for a Grammy, for whatever reason. But all their fame and music-making (if you can call it music) is coming to an end at their own will, and the two ‘Party Rockers’ explained why.

“It’s time to do the right thing,” said Sky Blu. “There are so many Americans who have talent, who work hard, who make fifty grand a year, if that. But we write these – I don’t know what to call them, because they’re really too awful to be called songs – that aren’t creative or original at all, and we make millions.”

“We can’t even really call them our own,” Redfoo said. “When we want to make a new album, all we do is get wasted at bars and write down all the things we hear drunk people say, and then we compile them into songs.”

“Well, the beats are ours. The beats we make ourselves,” Sky Blu clarified. “When we get home from the bars, we record the sound of us puking and make it into a beat.”

“But we can’t do it anymore. I just can’t do it anymore,” said Redfoo. “There are musicians out there – real ones – who can sing, play instruments, who are great with words. And there are people who aren’t musicians – doctors, teachers – who help people. Doctors, you know, they make people feel better, while our music makes people sick. Teachers, they help people to think, but people don’t have to think to understand our music. It’s just so straightforward, so cliché. There’s nothing to appreciate, and I’m sick of it, man.”

“We’re sick of it,” Sky Blu agreed. “We’re sick of getting recognized instead of people who deserve it. So we’re quitting. We’re backing away and making room for actual, good music to make it back into mainstream. We hope that others like us – Justin Bieber, Nicki Minaj, Katy Perry – will follow in our footsteps.”

As for future plans, Sky Blu and Redfoo have a couple of ideas.

“First, we want to take every single one of our CDs and shove them up our butts like the crap they are. Then, we’re thinking about just going away. Just sailing away to some remote, uninhabited island for the rest of our lives,” said Sky Blu. “I think a lot of good people, fans of real music, would love to see that.”

“Yeah,” said Redfoo. “If we’re not going to contribute anything useful to society, why be a part of it? So yeah. We’re sorry. We really are sorry for party rocking.”

And, with those words, LMFAO did the best thing they’ve ever done for music – they quit attempting to make it.

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