Mitt Romney on his Wealth: God Obviously Loves Me More Than You

"Romney" "Wealth" "God"

This past weekend, Mitt Romney met with a few supporters in Ohio. Earlier in the day he had been confronted with a protest that shortened the length of his speech to only six minutes, instead of his planned 45-minute speech. When approached later in the day at a meet-and-greet by one of the protesters, he responded to a question asked with a surprisingly honest yet bothersome response.

The Romney protester asked:

“I’m out of work and unable to qualify for loans because of a failed mortgage and unpaid student loan and credit card debt. I want to work hard, but I don’t seem to even have a chance to pull ahead. Under your proposed policies it would make it even harder. How to I succeed if I don’t even have a chance to try, and I’m constantly pushed farther and farther down?”

To which Romney replied:

“Well you see, my friend, sometimes life isn’t fair and offers its lemons. I’m sorry for your situation, but you can’t expect the government to help you out. You can’t expect people to do things for you, you have to do them for yourself. I’m a very religious man…. partly because I like to live my life by the word of God and see it as crucial for a solid existence… and partly because God is on my side. It’s not my fault you weren’t born into wealth like I was. God obviously loves me more than you. What you need to do, son, is rely on yourself and rely on God… and if you don’t succeed, you only then have yourself to blame.”

Oblivious to what he had just said, Romney continued on answering questions leaving a dumbfounded and down on his luck man completely baffled. According to Romney, he’s wealthy because God loves him.

Romney’s campaign has not been able to be reached regarding this most recent blunder of honesty.

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