President Obama To Propose Legislation Limiting The Use of Pickup Trucks And Large SUVs

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In an effort to boost fuel economy, as well as lessen the amount of fuel used within the United States, President Obama is proposing a legislation to Congress that will limit the use of both pickup trucks and large SUVs. The proposed bill seeks to only allow for the usage of such large vehicles only if necessary for employment and/or transport of goods and services.

President Obama along with Senate Democrats, Harry Reid (NV), Michael Bennet (CO), and Patty Murray (WA) have been drawing up the language to make sure that no one is wrongfully put into a category that will discriminate, and penalize the wrong people. However, if this bill were to pass penalties may include fines and the possible impound of vehicles.

“When looking at the cost of fuel in our nation, compared to the supply that is necessary to fill the overwhelming demand, we found it crucial to take certain steps to cut back on fuel consumption… which will hopefully lead to lower costs since there will be more of a supply for the nation as a whole.” said Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid.

This new proposed legislation is being met with harsh criticism from conservatives who feel it is not the job of the government to tell them what to buy, or how they should use their purchases. According to Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY):

“This is outrageous, to say the least. Limiting the use of vehicles in our free nation in this day and age is a slap in the face to the constitution. If people want to buy gas guzzlers, that should be their right. If people want to pay $10 at the gas pump, that should also be their right. It is not up to our president or a handful of liberals who seek to control our every move. I will tell you with certainty that this bill will not have any chance of passing.”

This legislation could also hold negative effects to car and truck manufacturers who could see a major reduction in sales if it were to pass.

According to sources within the congressional walls, the bill is still in its drafting stages. It is yet to be determined if and when it will be brought to a vote any time soon.


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